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is a real-time foreign exchange analytical news feed delivered by email, exclusively supplying forex news and analysis from 4CAST, a leading financial markets research company. As an analytical firm, 4CAST has no trading activities thus ensuring total objectivity.

FXMarketAlerts allows you to access the same 4CAST research as professionals in the foreign exchange markets. The analysis is delivered in real-time directly by email whilst dealers in major financial institutions around the world are simultaneously reading the same reports on their Reuters and Bloomberg terminals.

The email alerts can be tailored to your individual trading requirements and offer great flexibility, allowing you to select the type of analysis, the currency pairs and the frequency of the reports you wish to receive. The benefits of this type of service ensure that you are not tied into any long term contracts as you can choose to subscribe on a weekly basis.

Since 4CAST's launch in 1994, central banks and leading financial institutions around the world have ensured their dealers have access to their up-to-minute reports. FXMarketAlerts provides you with this same high quality research in a more affordable format.

Please be aware the fx analysis provided is completely objective and FXMarketAlerts is not a trading site.

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