Forex - EUR/USD, GBP/USD Flows: The view from the train

 08:03 (GMT) 11 Jan

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EUR/USD, GBP/USD Flows: The view from the train (0100-KLSZ-C01)

Very little in the way of movement overnight, as the market awaits US President elect Trump's press conference. Since this does not occur until 18.00 GMT it does not bode well for a lively day's trading in European hours with EUR/USD likely to continue to shuffle up and down the 1.05 handle in a somewhat arthritic manner, the pair haven't moved materially since Friday morning. No doubt the tabloids are loving the salacious gossip about PEOTUS Trump, he really is an headline writer's dream but it's not market moving and of more interest to USD holders is whether or not the loose cannon makes reference to China this pm. The UK provides the only data of note so maybe cable will give us some respite from the drudgery of waiting for Donald at 9.30 GMT. On the UK political front the nominal leader of the opposition Corbyn showed how out of touch with the electorate he is by threatening to run the stars of the Premier League out of town if he was PM, that's a real vote winner. IJ.

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