Forex - EUR/USD, EUR/JPY Flows: Modest moves

 08:42 (GMT) 16 Apr

  [Forex Flows]

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EUR/USD, EUR/JPY Flows: Modest moves (0100-ZCFF-C01)

Some demand for the EUR and selling interest in the USD being noted but only the day traders really getting very excited as wider ranges remain intact, while USD/JPY - not unusually - sits in the eye of a very low key storm in a range that has not stretched beyond 10 pips since the European open. We do have some US data to watch today with US retail sales looking to end a three month run of losses, though a 0.4% m/m headline rise would still leave a fairly subdued Q1, especially with the tax cuts factored in. We note from Friday's CFTC data that the long EUR speculative position grew again in the latest period, with the USD short also extending. At the moment no one is paying that any attention, and while the retail sales data may be considered first tier the focus of the FOMC is elsewhere.

Forex - USD/CAD, EUR/CHF Flows: FX, Crude markets little trouble by Syrian strikes

 06:42 (GMT) 16 Apr

 [Forex Flows]

Anyone who spent the weekend in a cave might be forgiven for thinking the coalition air strikes in Syria didn't happen with Crude prices below Friday's close, while the traditional safe haven of the CHF is also a shade weaker than where we left it on Friday. There is an air of 'one and done' on the coalition air raids, and while we can expect the newswires and social media to be kept busy on the subject over the coming sessions, the markets appear keen to continue as normal. Even if the current normal is not to push too hard, too far in either direction.

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