Forex - Psychology/Strategy for major markets today

 11:11 (GMT) 10 Jan

  [Forex Strategy]

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Psychology/Strategy for major markets today (0100-KLJL-C01)

EUR/USD - Still no straight road lower but the shorts reasonably sanguine for now. A break of 1.0650 might change that
USD/JPY - Patience being tested for those looking to ride a DJIA 20k party higher but demand appears solid enough approaching 115 to ensure no one has to panic. Yet.
EUR/GBP, GBP/USD - If in doubt - sell GBP. A familiar refrain for older readers, although the market is already short so the road lower will not be a straight one.
DJIA and S&P - Stalemate for the wider indices still continues just below the Dec ceilings.
T.Bond - Very resilient trade after the payrolls correction, despite Fed speak & approaching supply. Keeps tone looking solid with still better apparent cash flow support in the New Year.

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