Forex - EUR/USD, USD/JPY Flows: Hawkish Harker gives USD a lift, but there's more to come on the Fed calendar

 14:05 (GMT) 12 Jan

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EUR/USD, USD/JPY Flows: Hawkish Harker gives USD a lift, but there's more to come on the Fed calendar (0100-KNNF-C01)

It's a busy session for Fed speakers and while they may be hard pushed to provide the kind of volatility President-elect Trump managed yesterday there is still enough promise to keep the fast money active. Bullard earlier was on the dovish side to give the USD sellers an excuse, but Harker - recently more hawkish and with the added boost of being a voter - sounds as if he's fully signed up for three hikes this year. That's given the USD a modest lift but with more informed comment to come the USD bulls are still suffering. PB

Forex - EUR/USD, GBP/USD Flows: Bullard on the newswires

 12:24 (GMT) 12 Jan

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Fed's Jamie Bullard on the newswires saying no reason to dramatically move rates now. USD is responding with another minor leg lower for EUR/USD to trade as high as 1.0670s, although it's noticeable that Cable is less enthusiastic. I always like to hear what Bullard has to say as he changes his opinion as circumstances change, instead of spouting the same old line all the time. There's one drawback though, he's no longer a voting member. IJ.

Forex - EUR/GBP, GBP/USD Flows: Carney on the newswires

 14:34 (GMT) 11 Jan

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Carney on the newswires as he appears before Treasury Select Committee and he's describing the stability of UK financial system after Brexit as a game of Jenga. Although in fairness he does say the biggest risks to financial stability remain global. Nothing so far is market moving with GBP/USD coming under the general USD cosh but GBP stronger against EUR. Nothing expected on monetary policy but never say never. IJ.

Forex - EUR/GBP, GBP/USD Flows: More strong UK data, the market's interest nil

 09:48 (GMT) 11 Jan

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More strong economic data out of UK, Industrial Production 2.1% m/m against consensus 0.8% and manufacturing output 1.2% y/y against consensus 0.4% and GBP/USD is 20 odd pips lower in line with a little USD firmness elsewhere. It would seem that the FX market currently has no interest in UK economic data and it's all about Brexit. Carney and his merry men are in front of Treasury Select Committee at 14.15 GMT. IJ.